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LM2013 W2D1

Done! Rest days are the best!

School started back up today, so a rest day was needed. I love the start of a new semester, but the first day always takes a lot out of you.

I actually came home and had the energy to do some house work though! Score 1 for working out and gaining more energy!

The man friend also came over to hang out and watch a movie. We both fell asleep watching it. Go figure. I felt bad waking him up though to tell him he had to leave so I could go to bed. He looked at me weird and then the light bulb went off when he remembered that I had to get up early to go run.

He told me to have a great run as he was hugging me goodbye just before he walked out the door.

I’m glad he understands and is supportive of my training.

Now I sleep and hope that I wake up early enough to go run.

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There are two frequencies people generally live on.

1. Fear. People who are afraid. Afraid of being themselves. Expressing self. Intimacy. Failure. Being alone. What others may think. The future. The present. Starting over. And on and on and on. These people are muted, walk this earth a lukewarm…

Be Fear Less!